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The average daily consumption was 3 hours and 41 minutes, one minute less than the previous year. Young people consumed, however, 2 hours and como sentimos giovanni frazzetto minutes on average, six minutes less than Eurodata, As regards radio listening time, European people consumed 2 hours and 29 minutes on average 13 minutes less than and 1 hour and 30 minutes among young people 14 minutes less than five years ago.

The countries of northern Europe, which are financially stable and have solid reputations and are known for their innovation, maintain their leadership in audience daily share, such as Denmark Quite the opposite happens in public broadcasters from southern Europe.

Comunicar The Social Brain and Connective Intelligence by Revista Comunicar - Issuu

Affected by the crisis, these organizations lost audience share by To meet these challenges, public service media organizations are facing the technological transition Iosidifis,the 2.

The most dynamic state and regional television networks are trying to embody innovation as the engine of change of their organizations.

Public corporations like the BBC aim to redefine and redirect their programming offer towards distinctive and distinguishable products from the commercial television, and ruled by their mission to inform, educate, and entertain DCMS, In recent years, broadcasters have made progress on audience research, encouraged by a more scientific and objective como sentimos giovanni frazzetto in decision-making processes Napoli, Neuroeducation and television The 20th century is characterised by multidisciplinary research.

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The combination of knowledge like computer science, artificial intelligence and como sentimos giovanni frazzetto has opened up new spaces to understand individual neural processing in relation to the external environment.

The qualitative leap forward made Meanwhile, investby Cognitive Neuroscience over the past decades, due to ments are carried out to speed up the process. Research proeconomic investments, technological advances and jects such as Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard and multidisciplinary work, has improved the knowledge of brain the Centre for the Como sentimos giovanni frazzetto of mechanisms that have an impact on learning processes, the Mind from Oxford provide a basis for the convergence memory, attention and emotion.

Television offers new formulas for the audience to access and participate, and it has the ability to make cognitive changes in our brains. The goal of the article is to show how public service media organizations are introducing neuroscience methods to develop and test contents.

How We Feel by Giovanni Frazzetto

Given the social commitment of these organizations towards their audience, the research addresses the potential of these techniques on educational contents. Fostering Neuroscience in education is relatively new and uncommon Graphic 1. The aim of this research is to offer the state of the art como sentimos giovanni frazzetto the introduction of neuroscientific methods in audiences and television contents research by European PSM.

Qualitative methods have been used to carry out this work. Also, an exploratory analysis and Graphic 1. Contacts concluded when they found saturation on answers.

The questionnaires had both closed and open-ended questions with a scale from 0 to como sentimos giovanni frazzetto The design of the questionnaires for each group of the contacted panellists was based on previous experience regarding Neuroscience techniques in the Spanish audiovisual sector.