Pharmacognostic and antihyperglycemic study of Coccinia indica. Manish Gunjan, Goutam K. Jana, A. K Jha, Umashanker Mishra. Coccinia indica is a creeper which grows wildly in Bangladesh and in many parts of the Indian sub-continent. The plant has been used since ancient times as an. Citation: Chatage VS, Bhale UN Changes in some Biochemical Parameters of Ivy Gourd (Coccinia Indica Wight and Arn.) Fruits after Infection of Fruit Rot.


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The lower leaf side often bears small nectar -producing glands. Coccinia coccinia indica are dioeciousmeaning that individual plants produce flowers with only male or only female organs.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus with Coccinia indica.

The sepals are connected and have five triangulate to lineal lobes. Coccinia indica corolla is also connected at the base and has five free lobes.

The color of the corolla is creamy white to yellowish orange, rarely also snow-white or pinkish. The male flowers are solitary, in fascicles or often in racemesfemale flowers are usually solitary, sometimes also in racemes.

Application of fungicides formed coccinia indica new coccinia indica, which has protected the expanding tissue and prevented the fruit infection. The present investigation was made to evaluate the biochemical changes observed in Ivy Gourd due to infected fruit rot caused by C.

Coccinia indica in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus.

Materials coccinia indica Methods Total 15 isolates of Alternaria pluriseptata were isolated from infected part of Coccinia indica fruits and maintained on Coccinia indica Dox agar medium CZA.

Alternaria pluriseptata isolates were tested against carbendazim fungicide by food poisoning test [ 15 ]. Carbendazim sensitive Ap11 and resistant Ap13isolates were tested for biochemical analysis.

This was studied by inoculating C. A deep well 13mm was prepared for spore suspension with the help of cork borer 8mm.


Coccinia indica is combination with adequate dietary management and coccinia indica activity would provide an integrated approach to the management of this deadly disease, particularly Type 2 diabetes.

The leaves have 5 lobes and are 6. Female and male flowers emerge at the axils on the petiole, and have 3 stamens.

coccinia indica It coccinia indica very difficult to control this plant physically except by bagging fruits. Hand- harvesting normally does not kill the plant, but rather breaks the vine blankets into smaller pieces and the plant is able to re-establish when it touches the ground.

These methods can make the infestation worse and further the need for more rigorous control methods. Picking the fruit and placing them in plastic bags can help decrease the seed bank present with the soil.

Use cautiously in coccinia indica due to a lack of safety information. Use cautiously in individuals with high exposure to coccinia indica or artificial light. Use cautiously for longer than eight weeks due to theoretical changes in bacterial gut flora.

Use coccinia indica if taking anticoagulants, antihypertensives, sedatives, anti-inflammatories, medications metabolized by CYP P 3A4 including cyclosporin, or any prescription medications.

Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding. Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber derived from the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and plants.

  • Coccinia indica in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Treatment of diabetes mellitus with Coccinia indica.
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PGG-glucan, an immunomodulator, has been studied in patients undergoing surgery, particularly abdominal surgery. Currently, PGG-glucan appears to have positive results in decreasing coccinia indica infections.

Coccinia grandis - Wikipedia

More study is warranted to make a firm conclusion. Avoid if allergic or hypersensitive to beta-glucan. When taken by mouth, beta-glucan is generally considered coccinia indica be safe.


Avoid using particulate beta-glucan. Limited available human coccinia indica found promising results using the oil of bitter orange for treatment of fungal infections.