Communicated through the form “Modulo di cessione di fabbricato” – it is the minimum proof of accommodation required to be granted a permit of stay. Foreign. Cessione di terreni non graffati Un'ulteriore questione riguarda i terreni “non al catasto terreni non può considerarsi “pertinenza” di un fabbricato urbano, an-. Comunicazione cessione fabbricato: quando è obbligatoria?


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Cessione fabbricato a cittadino straniero — Unione dei Comuni della Val di Bisenzio

Your application will be rejected if some documents are missing. Should you miss the appointment: If you are abroad and come to Trento just for the appointment, plan to stay at least 3 working days so cessione fabbricato any problems can be discussed with UniTrento and Questura before you leave.

If you have written your mobile phone number on the stay permit application, you will also receive an SMS informing you that your stay permit is ready. In order to pick up the stay permit Go to Desk number 6 at Immigration office, Police Station Questuraby showing the passport in original and all receipts in your possession both the postal one and the Questura receipt.


After 3 working days you should however report to the competent Public Security Authority abroad. Make sure the border police make an exit stamp both on your cessione fabbricato and on the postal receipts.

Cessione fabbricato - cedarea folosinţei bunului imobil - personal glossaries

Cessione fabbricato in non-Schengen areas are allowed but always check cessione fabbricato whether a transit visa is required by the non-Schengen country.

To do so you can contact the foreign competent diplomatic Representation in Italy. You are not allowed to leave Italy for longer than 6 months.

Before planning any trips outside the Schengen area you are advised to contact the foreign diplomatic representation in Italy in order to get cessione fabbricato necessary information for the entry visa.

Usually, beside health insurance coverage, return ticket and economic and housing guarantees, a valid Italian stay permit is necessary in order to apply for a visa.

  • Cessione fabbricato a cittadino straniero — Unione dei Comuni della Val di Bisenzio
  • Practical instructions – After the entry with a working visa
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In order to leave and re-enter Italy while renewing your stay permit, you will have to show: In some places the communication can also be delivered to the Public Relations Office of the Municipality.

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Non-EU citizens - stay permit

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