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Transcriptional activators and activation mechanisms of breathing

Sergio Provenzano of Buenos Aires allowed me to consult materials in their extraordinary collection in Buenos Aires. In Montevideo, the staff causas de diaphoresis profusa the Biblioteca Nacional shared my interest in the writings of Julio Herrera y Reissig and were helpful in every way possible.

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During the book's final stages, I received assistance from Marta Morello-Frosch, who made valuable suggestions for the reorganization of the manuscript. The editorial help I received from graduate students at Berkeley was essential.

Barbara De Marco was invaluable causas de diaphoresis profusa a text editor, as was James Nicolopolus who, along with Steve Raulston and Ching-Ju Lee, helped in all aspects of manuscript preparation.

Their interest and skill at the task are evident. A travel grant from the Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies allowed me to consult libraries and archives in Argentina and Uruguay.


Literary criticism has found Lugones a literary figure of difficult classification, owing to the abundance and diversity of his work and, in addition, to the rapid shifts in his ideological and political stances.

Yet the study of Lugones is made fascinating by the very reason of these changes and the contradictory nature of much of his work. The obvious asymmetries in his work give modern readers a clue to search for the fissures in the causas de diaphoresis profusa of modernismo as a total movement. They not only reveal the contradictions within the work of this Argentine writer but can lead us to see the less obvious similarities with writers of his epoch and subsequent generations.

In the work of Lugones, one sees from the earliest writings of a push toward the breakup of models, including his inherited poetic tradition as well as social structures.

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The combination of unusual thematic elements with innovative technical procedures makes Lugones' work an especially fruitful field of study, while Lugones' drive toward authoritarianism and his reluctance to relinquish formal order in poetry are revealing causas de diaphoresis profusa for a study of the epoch's literature in transition.

The topics of voyeurism, fetishism in language, and an analysis of the iconography of modernista poetry can serve as the basis for exploring the factors that make Lugones a true precursor causas de diaphoresis profusa what might be called the dissonant trend in Spanish American poetry.

More recently, Jorge Luis Borges has written of the paradoxes and importance of this literary father.


Studies by Borges and other poets will show Lugones' impact on the succeeding generation of poets. Following a survey of Lugones' work, this book examines subtle subversion in modernista poetry and studies some of its followers.

Julio Herrera y Reissig, along with other modernista and postmodernista poets questioned the very bases of the conventions of modernismo. As innovators within late modernismo, both Lugones and Herrea y Reissig insert moments of causas de diaphoresis profusa colloquial or the ridiculous in modernismo 's stylized scenes and, even more importantly, carry the imitation of their models such as Albert Samain and Jules Laforgue to heights of frenzy.

Although this tendency has often been viewed more as imperfect imitation than innovation, this study will attempt to show that such causas de diaphoresis profusa represent a resistance to or a subversion of the received European tradition.

The Dissonant Legacy of Modernismo

The resistance to previous models is an especially important topic in illuminating the course of poetry in Spanish American literature after modernismo. It can offer a way to recast the notion of dependence in modernismo, as well as causas de diaphoresis profusa a more direct link between the works of modernismo and vanguardismo.

In this regard, Lugones' appropriation of Laforgue's work is an important case in point. Although it is clear that Lugones borrowed heavily from Laforgue, causas de diaphoresis profusa most radical experiments in the volume Lunario sentimental are found where the poetry owes least to Laforgue—when Lugones ventures into poetic frontiers unexplored up to this point in Spanish American poetry, especially in regard to his treatment of the urban middle class and the image of causas de diaphoresis profusa modern woman, transformed from inert femme fatale to working-class citizen.

In a sense both poets exaggerate and then naturalize the inherited conventions of European writing, and by doing so they change the very linguistic and ideological support base of its transmission.

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The discussion of the transmission and transformation of sign systems, of parody, of subversion, and of "minus devices" using Yuri Lotman's terms will shape these discussions of visual images. The breaks of syntax, the eruption of the unintelligible, the "mysteriousness" of the much late modernista poetry prefigure the works of later vanguardista poets.

Because external structures are dissolving for example, the shifting and changing social-class alignments, a new role for the artistwriter, new economic structures due to industrializationthe structures of poetry formal poetic meter, rhyme also show rearrangement.

Given these realignments, the position of the speaking subject in poetry must be shifting as well. We see the dispersal of the framing poetic voice, the fragmentation causas de diaphoresis profusa landscape, and a heightened experimentation with conventions of rhyme, rhythm, and meter.

Here the notions of voyeurism and fetishism in language aid us in establishing how these subversions in language are created.

The breaks in logic and syntax in poetry resonate with the absence of former poetic patterns, making them even more haunting for the reader of today who can read with the tradition of modern poetry as well as the tradition of modernismo. The role of the reader must also be taken into account if we are to understand the changing evaluations of the impact of modernista poetry.