Jump to Carp Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Below is a list of carp fishing tips that our team put together by searching the internet. When it comes to Carp fishing bait it can be as simple as hair-rigging a Garner's best kept secrets that are guaranteed to catch you more carp. Korda movies from Korda on Sky Sports re-runs to tips and guidance from the Korda team.


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Carp Fishing Tips - Tips on How to Catch Carp

A PVA bag on this spot lead to 20 carp in a weekend, all off this one spot. Now many anglers come to Carp fishing secrets and because they are away for a week they bring everything and the kitchen sink. I see loads of threads on the forums about large bivvies for France.

It goes up fast, in summer it is used just as a brolly with storm sides.

Seven Secrets To Catching Carp | Angling Lines Blog

Setting up a large camp that takes half a day to move is not the best way to remain mobile while fishing. There are times of the year when either the fish move out of your area, or you need carp fishing secrets try a new spot to get a take.

I saw this while filming Shaun Harrison on a UK this winter. He changed swims for the last hour of the short day session and banked a fabulous 20lb Winter carp.

Adapt to the situation: It is not wise to have carp fishing secrets stereotyped approach to fishing. I see guys fishing the same rig, same presentation and same bait, whatever the situation, on the basis that it works on their home water so it must be right.

Different lakes have different make ups, the nature of the lake bed, the vegetation, the depth. There are just so many parameters. It might be that a pop up or a longer hook link will get you carp fishing secrets more action.

Changing small things like hair length or hooklink material might also change your results.

Ken Townley's carp fishing secrets

You need to analyse what you are doing, what you want your rig to do, in function of the type of water you are on. To blindly go in with the same tactics on all waters in not a good way to fish.

Certainly use your standard set up as a starting point, but vary your presentation and rig set up on all rods to see if one proves more successful. Particles and pellets can prove deadly in carp fishing secrets right circumstances.

Experimentation all the while is what separates the consistent anglers from the rest. Keep your tackle maintained: Finally one needs to maximise the chances of converting the chances. I remember when I started out one of my friends, a very natural angler seemed to lose more fish than he banked.

Carp Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques You most likely came to this section of our website to find tips and tactics for catching carp. Below is a list of carp fishing tips that our team put together by searching carp fishing secrets internet.


Our team not only researched many of these tips, but also tested them carp fishing secrets real life. Be Very Patient — Carp are infamous for gently striking bait a few times before they actually strike it.

Day-Session Secrets

Carp have been known to follow ducks, especially in areas where the carp fishing secrets are fed by humans. Just remember not to hit or hurt any ducks when you cast out your line.

In particular we recommend using the Gamakatsu Black Octopus Hook. Corn Really Works — Corn is one of the best baits to carp fishing secrets when trying to catch carp. The color, texture and flavor are highly favorable to most common species of carp.

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Sweet corn out of a can performs much better than corn off a cob, most likely due to the flavors and sodium added to canned corn. Use Artificial Bait — Carp are not an easy fish to catch, but using the right artificial bait will make the job a lot easier.

While carp fishing secrets the warmth of the airing cupboard the dissolved sugar, now absorbed into the nuts, really starts to work and the water thickens as it ferments.