Brief Peeks Beyond and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Better than any book I've come across, Bernardo Kastrup's collection of essays confronts two mysteries that must be urgently solved. Start reading Brief Peeks Beyond on your Kindle in under a minute. This book is a multi-faceted exploration and critique of the human condition as it is presently manifested. It addresses science and philosophy. To mark the launch of my new book, Brief Peeks Beyond, I am publishing today its editorial reviews, table of contents, complete introduction.


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Monistic idealism is solipsistic and, as such, unfalsifiable.

Brief peeks beyond cannot prove that monistic idealism is true. On consciousness, neuroscience and the media The most vexing aspect of nature from a materialist perspective happens to also be the only carrier of reality anyone can ever know: So how could a metaphysics that fails to explain — even in principle — the one obvious aspect of existence attain, and maintain, the status of reigning worldview?

Many indications are provided in the essays of this chapter. The in-your-face absurdity of this position, and how it is tendentiously spun by many scientists, philosophers and the media alike, is examined.

They expose the public relations charade responsible for the pervasive cultural illusion that neuroscience knows what memories are and brief peeks beyond they are located.

Brief Peeks Beyond: An Overview

For a while, in the interest of avoiding polemic, I considered not including it in this book. Yet, precisely for the reason it is so upsetting to me, essay 3. There may be unanswered questions regarding abstract parallel universes and alternate realities, but we assume that most of the facets of concrete life have been explained by rational scientific theories, from the weather to health, to psychology, to social dynamics.

We believe unquestioningly that the Faustian power of rationality, skepticism and the application of the scientific method have answered — or are on the cusp of answering — all questions of any practical relevance to our daily lives.

brief peeks beyond

But is that really so? What reasons do we actually brief peeks beyond to believe it? Could it be that the apparent runaway success of science — and, more generally, of our rational faculties — is as much illusory as it is factual?

Could it be that we live in a world of brief peeks beyond enabled precisely by a spectacular failure of skepticism? On culture and society Human beings naturally long for wonder, transcendence, mental landscapes beyond the boundaries of ordinary life.

Something in the human spirit shouts loudly that there is more to ourselves than the space-time confines of brief peeks beyond body.


This obfuscated part of brief peeks beyond psyche demands lucid recognition of what it knows to be the true breadth and depth of our existence. Yet, it resonates intensely with the deepest obfuscated layer of our psyche, giving it its due voice in our lives.

brief peeks beyond Since the Enlightenment, however, our culture has come to reject all truths but the ones amenable to literal articulation. In doing so, it has withdrawn the tacit acknowledgement of the obfuscated psyche, creating an inner state of conflict.


Our everyday sense of reality and self-identity, as outlined by our culture, is now in direct contradiction with what the deepest layer of the psyche knows to be true.

This conflict creates an unstable situation. The gap left by the arbitrary denial of all trans-metaphorical brief peeks beyond demands to be filled in some way. It is this irresistible gravitational pull towards some form of transcendence, artificial and precarious as it may be, that lies at the root of the dangerous cultural and social ailments of our time.

Brief Peeks Beyond || Iff Books || Book Info

These ailments, and the specific dynamics that motivate and underlie them, are examined in this chapter. The move is meant to invest them with inauthentic power previously reserved for ecclesiastic brief peeks beyond.


It also discusses the shape such changes may take. Among brief peeks beyond other gifts, brief peeks beyond book bestows upon us a lifting of existential angst, a way to understand the most awe-inspiring mysteries of our existence, but most importantly, a way to reconcile our rational understanding of science and our deepest spiritual intuitions, finally stitching up the deepest wound in the modern man's psyche.

At times like these, I am always in awe at how connected we can be with others in our way of thinking and expressing. For me, this is one of the many experiential pieces of evidence that there is a collective one mind at work.