Upgrading Human Brain to Blue Brain. Shruti Ganji and Kamala Nayana. Department of Information Technology (3/4), M.V.S.R Engineering College. Read 23 answers by scientists with 17 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by Akhilesh Gupta on Mar 4, The Blue Brain Project is an attempt to reverse engineer the human . to supply EPFL with a Blue Gene/L as a "technology demonstrator".‎Latest news · ‎Data acquisition · ‎Simulation · ‎Supercomputers.


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They are so small that they can travel through brain and spiral. Its basic functionality is it will monitor activities of neuron and scans the structure of brain.


It defines the data using sensory blue brain technology Figure 2. There is a method called data acquisition where by using nurolucida software package which runs on windows workstation, we reconstruct the Neuronal 3D morphologies by taking the brain slices from the living being.

For the Blue brain project a 12 patch clamp instrument was specially developed for it which studies the behaviour of neurons [ 2 ]. These algorithms have to be defined according to age; breed of the living being that is simulated. Using these developments, an experiment was performed using a South American sparrow.

Just as the bird sings forcibly through the folds of tissues, these impulses were transferred to the model which started singing like the bird.

Normal and Virtual Brains differentiation is explained in Figure 4.

Blue Brain Project

Differentiation of Normal and Virtual brains. Conclusion We lose the knowledge of a brain when the body is destroyed after the death. Blue brain technology blue brain comes in picture. A real life rat has aboutcolumns in total, and humans have around 2 million.

Techniques are being developed for multiscale simulation whereby active parts of the brain are simulated in great detail while quiescent parts are not so detailed.

Every two weeks a column model is run. The simulations reproduce observations that are seen in living neurons. Emergent properties are seen that require larger and larger networks.

The plan is to build a generalised simulation tool, one that makes it easy to build circuits. There are also plans to couple the brain simulations to avatars living in a virtual environment, and eventually also to robots interacting with the real world.

The ultimate aim is to be able to understand and reproduce human consciousness. The software was developed internally by the BBP team.

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RTNeuron is ad-hoc software written specifically for neural simulations, i. This allows researchers to watch as activation potentials propogate through a neuron and between neurons.

The animations can be stopped, started and zoomed, thus letting researchers interact with the model. The visualisations blue brain technology multi-scale, that is they can render individual neurons or a whole cortical column.

Blue Brain Project

The image right was rendered in RTNeuron, as was the video seen here. This is where the name "Blue Brain" originates from. Blue brain technology IBM press release did not disclose the terms of the deal. The computer is used by a number of different research groups, not exclusively by the Blue Brain Project.

The brain simulations generally run all day, and one day per week usually Thursdays. The rest of the week is used to prepare simulations and to analyze the resulting data.