Bhaje Vrajaika Mandanam Samasta Papa Khandanam - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Exelent song Lyrics of Lord krishna's one of. bhaje vrajaika-maṇḍanaḿ samasta-pāpa-khaṇḍanaḿ. sva-bhakta-citta-rañjanaḿ sadaiva nanda-nandanam. su-piccha-guccha-mastakaḿ. Bhaje Vrajaika Mandanam - Krishnashtakam by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya Shri Krishnashtakam(bhaje vrajaika mandanam) with Lyrics{sung by Krishna.


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Sri Krishnashtakam

I offer my respectful obeisances to cheerful Lord Krsna, who dries up all faults, makes all worlds prosper, and stays in the thoughts of all the gopa people. I offer bhaje vrajaika mandanam respectful obeisances to Lord Krsna, who is Nanda's son, who casts crooked glances from the corners of His eyes, who always stays with the gopis, and who day after day enjoys newer and newer pastimes.

I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Krsna, who is a young hero of the cowherd people, who is a playful young rake, who is handsome and dark like a monsoon cloud, and whose yellow garments glisten like lightning.

I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Krsna, who bhaje vrajaika mandanam all desires, whose sidelong glances are charming arrows, whose flute music is nectar, and who is the amorous hero of the forest groves.


Naveenagopa naagaram naveena keli lampatam, Namami megha sundram thathith prabhalasathpatam. I salute the handsome one who is the colour of the cloud, Who wears yellow coloured silk resembling lightning, Who appears as bhaje vrajaika mandanam new Gopa every time he is seen, And who is interested in new antics every time.

Samastha gopa nandanam, hrudambujaika bhaje vrajaika mandanam, Namami kunja madhyagam, prasanna bhanu shobhanam.

Nikamakamadhayakam drugantha charu sayakam, Rasalavenu gayakam, namami kunja nayakam. I salute Krishna, who is the leader of lads of vrija, Who plays soulful music using his flute, Who grants pleasures even though he does not want them, And whose glances bhaje vrajaika mandanam like defenseless arrows.

Vidagdha gopikaa mano manogna thalpasayinam, Namami kunja bhaje vrajaika mandanam pravrudha vahni payinam. Kisorakanthi ranchitham, druganjanam sushobitham, Gajendra moksa karinam,Namami sri viharinam.

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I salute Him who is with the goddess of wealth, Who was the cause of salvation of Gajendra, Who is surrounded by divine glow of youth, And bhaje vrajaika mandanam shines in all directions. Yadha thadha yadha thadha thadiva krushna sathkadha, Maya sadaiva geeyathaam thadha krupa vidheeyathaam.

Pramanikashtakadwayam japathyadheethya ya pumaan, Bhaveth sa nanda nandane bhave bhave subhakthiman.

That great man who sings this double octet. Would be born with devotion to Krishna, In all his births. Who shines in garlands and anklets that he wears. And who has a bangle made of jewels in his right hand. Who has the sweet scent of mandara flowers, Who has pretty smile and four arms, And who decorates is hair with peacock feathers.

Who is embraced by the two busts of GopisWhose chest bhaje vrajaika mandanam the marks bhaje vrajaika mandanam saffron, Who lives with Lakshmi and has a big bow. Phala Sruti Krishnashtakamidham punyam, Prathar uthaya ya padeth, Koti Janma krutham papam, Smaranath thasya nasyathi.

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If one reads this as soon as he awakes in the morning, This divine octet of Lord Krishna without fail, Sins committed in billions of lives, Would be destroyed, if one thinks about him. But on referring the complete works of Shankara, I find that this is the bhaje vrajaika mandanam one composed by Adhi Shankara.


The last stanza clearly indicates bhaje vrajaika mandanam it was composed so that his mother would get salvation. Sriyaslishto Vishnu sthira chara gurur veda vishayo, Dhiyaam sakshee shudho harira sura hanthabja nayana, Gadhee Shankhee Chakreevimala vana mali sthira ruchi, Saranyo lokeso mama bhavathu krushnokshi vishaya.