One of the best large format photography books ever made, accompanied the AA centennial exhibit curated by the late John Szarkowski. Includes many rare. Ansel Adams has books on Goodreads with ratings. Ansel Adams's most popular book is The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, #1). In a career that spanned six decades, Ansel Adams was at once America's foremost landscape photographer and one of its most respected environmentalists.


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Books by Ansel Adams (Author of The Camera)

He was named after his uncle, Ansel Easton. His mother's family came from Baltimorewhere his maternal grandfather had a successful freight-hauling business but lost his wealth investing in failed mining and real estate ventures in Nevada.

His paternal grandfather founded and built a prosperous lumber business which his father later managed. Later in life, Adams condemned the industry for cutting ansel adams books many of the great redwood forests.


Then four years old, Adams was uninjured in the initial shaking but was tossed face-first into a garden wall during an aftershock three hours later, breaking and scarring his nose.

A doctor recommended that his nose be reset once he reached maturity, [4] but it remained ansel adams books for his entire life. He had few friends, but his family home and surroundings on the heights facing the Golden Gate provided ample childhood activities. He had little patience for games or sports, but enjoyed the beauty of nature from an early age, collecting bugs and exploring Lobos Creek all the way to Baker Beach and the sea cliffs leading to Lands End[7] [8] "San Francisco's wildest and rockiest coast, a place strewn with shipwrecks and rife with landslides.

His father later served as the paid secretary-treasurer of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific from to Some of the induced near-poverty was because Ansel's uncle Ansel Easton and Cedric Wright 's father George Wright had secretly sold their shares of the company to the Hawaiian Sugar Trust for a large amount of money, "knowingly providing the controlling interest.

Adams was then educated by private tutors, his aunt Mary, and by his father.

Ansel Adams - Wikipedia

His aunt Mary was a devotee of Robert G. Ingersolla 19th-century agnostic and women's suffrage ansel adams books. As a result of his aunt's influence, Ingersoll's teachings were important to Ansel's upbringing.

Wilkins Private School, graduating from eighth grade on June 8, During his later years, he displayed his diploma in the guest bathroom of his home.

The undertaker remarked, "Have you no respect for the dead? His father sent him to piano teacher Marie Butler, who emphasized perfectionism and accuracy. After four years ansel adams books studying with her, he had other teachers, one being composer Henry Cowell.

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Adams first visited Yosemite National Park in with his family. One wonder after another descended upon us There was light everywhere A new era began for me. During the winter, he learned basic darkroom technique while working part-time for a San Francisco photograph finisher.

Adams avidly read photography magazines, attended camera club meetings, and went to photography and art exhibits. He explored the High Sierra during summer and winter with retired geologist and amateur ansel adams books Francis Holman, whom he called "Uncle Frank".

During this time, he developed the stamina and skill needed to photograph at high elevation and with difficult weather conditions.

Virginia inherited the studio from her artist father on his death inand the Adams continued to operate it until The studio is now known as the Ansel Adams Gallery and remains owned by the Adams family.

At age 27, Adams joined the Sierra Cluba group dedicated to ansel adams books the wild places of the earth, and he was hired as the summer caretaker of the Sierra Club visitor facility in Yosemite Valley, the LeConte Memorial Lodgefrom to He was first elected to the Sierra Club's board of directors in and served on the board for 37 years until During his twenties, most of his friends had musical associations, particularly violinist and amateur photographer Cedric Wrightwho became his best friend as well as his philosophical and cultural mentor.


Their shared philosophy was from Edward Carpenter 's Towards Democracy, a literary work which endorsed the pursuit of beauty in life and art.