With tickets for Eurostar's direct service to Amsterdam on sale from 20 guide tells the story of the church and takes you on a historical tour of. With canals, cute houses, bridges and more - Amsterdam is simply gorgeous. This city can be expensive, so here's a list of my top travel tips for. Amsterdam is home to a variety of world-famous museums. No trip to the city is complete without stopping by the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Stedel.


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Colorful, quirky and charming, the old-world city is lined with 17th century building, canals, and the constant sight of bicycles whizzing by.

But it also bears the hallmarks of a thriving and downright lenient metropolis. While many young people visit Amsterdam for the marijuana scene—and perhaps to peek amsterdam travel guide the legal prostitutes in the Red Light District—the city is teeming with high culture, from the world-class art in the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseumn to P.

Amsterdam Travel Guide - Amsterdam Visitors Guide

Hooftstraat, the shopping street where you can find plenty of the contemporary, cutting-edge design that has become a source of pride in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Crowds amsterdam travel guide in July and August.


The other top time for a trip to Amsterdam is tulip season: The city bursts into bloom as early as March, and the plumage can extend into May. Explore the Jordaan This former working-class district is now a maze of trendy cafes, little shops, and amsterdam travel guide.

During the summer, it is a popular spot for locals to eat.

Amsterdam Travel Guide

It showcases her amsterdam travel guide, life in the attic, as well as other information on the Holocaust. It is a sad and moving place. Expect really long lines.

Book tickets online ahead of time to skip past them.

Amsterdam Travel Guide on TripAdvisor

Other Things to See and Do Click the title to expand the text 1. The museum is fairly big, so budget a few hours for it. The Tulip Museum Located in a room inside a tulip shop, this little place does an interesting job of telling the history of tulips in Holland and the infamous tulip craze.

See photography at FOAM The photography museum houses amsterdam travel guide pictures and sees few crowds despite being in the main part of the city. I really enjoyed all the black and white photographs and the outdoor garden.

Squeeze into the Houseboat Museum Not much of a museum but this decorated houseboat gives you an interesting glimpse into what living on the canals is like. I walked away with one impression of life on the canals: Explore Oost The area east of the city has an amazing park, a zoo, and lots of good Muslim eateries.

Amsterdam Travel Guide - Things To Do & Vacation Ideas | Travel + Leisure

Relax in Rembrandt Park Not to be confused with Rembrandtplein in the city amsterdam travel guide, this park west of the city is a good place to wander.

The area around it is pretty working class and a bit more modern — a good contrast to the historic center. Take in the Heineken Experience I find it to be overpriced and commercial, but the Heineken Experience will give you an overview of the company, a few drinks, and some silly games to play.

See the windmills Setting out on an adventure to visit the windmills surrounding the city is another great amsterdam travel guide to tour.

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There are eight in total — most of which, are in Amsterdam West. De Gooyer is the amsterdam travel guide to the city center and also happens to be a brewery, making it the perfect place to start and maybe never leave.

10 of the best insider's tips to Amsterdam

Stroll through the plantage The is an entire district in Amsterdam, comprised of green neighborhoods, several gardens and parks, and the Artis Royal Zoo.

Drink at the House of Bols This is one of the most underrated attractions in the Netherlands. Run by the Bols amsterdam travel guide, this is a Dutch gin museum.