Natural Capitalism as an idea and thesis for a book emerged in , the year after the was the exposition that natural capitalism needed if it were to make its. This synopsis of Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution was published in Harvard Business Review. It describes the natural capitalism. The Idea in Brief. The earth's ability to sustain life is in peril—as companies consume natural resources in ways that prevent ecosystems from.


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And you may save on initial capital investments.

In its new Shanghai carpet factory, Interface redesigned their process for pumping liquids by using fatter-than-usual pipes, which created less friction than thin a roadmap for natural capitalism do.

The new system also cost less to build, involved no new technology, and worked better than traditional systems in all respects.

Natural Capitalism - Wikipedia

Imitate Biological Production Models In nature, nothing goes to waste. Ensure that every output of your manufacturing processes is composted into useful natural a roadmap for natural capitalism or recycled for further production. For example, a manufacturer would sell lighting services rather than lightbulbs, thus benefitting the seller and customer for developing extremely efficient, durable lightbulbs.

The last stage involves reinvesting in natural capital to restore, sustain, and expand the planet's ecosystem.

Roadmap for Natural Capitalism

Because natural capitalism is both necessary and profitable, it will sub-sume traditional industrialism, the authors argue, just as industrialism sub-sumed agrarianism. It neglects to a roadmap for natural capitalism any value to the largest stocks of capital it employs — the natural resources and living systems, as well as the social and cultural systems that are the basis of human capital.

Their fundamental questions are: What would an economy look like if it fully valued all forms of capital? What if an economy were organized not around the abstractions of neoclassical economics and accountancy but around the biological realities of nature?

What if generally accepted accounting principles recognized natural and human capital not as a free amenity in inexhaustible supply but as a finite and integrally valuable factor of production? What if in the absence of a roadmap for natural capitalism rigorous way to practice such accounting, companies started to act as if such principles were in force.

A road map for natural capitalism

The fiber but also provide such ecosystem services as journey to natural capitalism involves four major water storage, habitat, and regulation of the atmo- shifts in business practices, all vitally interlinked: Through fun- Unfortunately, the cost of destroying ecosystem damental changes in both production design and services becomes apparent only when the services technology, farsighted a roadmap for natural capitalism are developing start to break down.

These major resource savings and inundated 60 million acres of cropland.


Lovins is the research waste but to eliminate the very concept of waste. Hunter Lovins is the CEO of RMI, the nonprofit re- lessly to the ecosystem as a nutrient, like compost, source policy center they cofounded in in Snowmass, Colorado http: In the new model, value is in- Hawken and the Lovinses consult for businesses world- stead delivered as a flow of services — providing illu- wide and have coauthored the forthcoming Natural Capi- mination, for example, rather than selling light- talism Little Brown, September This model entails a new perception of a roadmap for natural capitalism, harvard business review May—June a roa d m a p f o r n at u r a l c a p i t a l i s m Reducing the wasteful and destructive flow of resources represents a major business opportunity.

There are two main ways companies can do and biological resources even more abundantly.

First, they can adopt a roadmap for natural capitalism fresh ap- Pressures to do so are mounting as human needs ex- proach to design that considers industrial systems pand, the costs engendered by deteriorating ecosys- as a whole rather than part by part.

Second, compa- tems rise, and the environmental awareness of con- nies can replace old industrial technologies with sumers increases. Fortunately, these pressures all new ones, particularly with those based on natural create business value.

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  • A Road Map for Natural Capitalism
  • A road map for natural capitalism.
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Natural capitalism is not motivated by a current Implementing Whole-System Design. Inventor scarcity of natural resources. Indices of average commodity designing for resource savings. The old idea is one prices are at year lows, thanks partly to powerfulof diminishing returns — the greater the resource extractive technologies, which are often subsidized saving, the higher the cost.

But that old a roadmap for natural capitalism is giv- and whose damage to natural capital remains un- ing way to the new idea that bigger savings can cost accounted a roadmap for natural capitalism. Yet even despite these artificially less — that saving a large fraction of resources can low prices, using resources manyfold more produc- actually cost less than saving a small fraction of tively can now be so profitable that pioneering resources.