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There are so many books and movies talk about it. This one is included. Both, novel and screenplay, are written 2 donny dhirgantoro Donny Dhirgantoro. The title tells about the basic principle of the story: That way, you will never forget about them, always put them at your focus, and keep working hard to reach them.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Until one day, Genta has this idea to break from their routine. He suggested that they stop seeing each other or even communicate in any kind.

For three months, each of them should focus on their own activities without each other. Accomplishing their goals and dreams or finding a new 2 donny dhirgantoro.

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Meeting new people or trying new things. All by themselves, without 2 donny dhirgantoro best friends by their side. After three months, they celebrate their reunion by climbing the highest mountain on the island of Java, Mount Semeru.

You have to be well prepared and well informed about the field condition. But the most important thing is you have to have a strong will and determination.

The fact is there are people that actually lost their lives climbing it. But what they get in the end is totally worth all the risk. On the jeep, before climbing I love how the hardship in climbing Mahameru shown 2 donny dhirgantoro the analogy of fighting for your dreams.


That no matter how hard or how impossible the dream 2 donny dhirgantoro seemed, if you really believe it, if you have strong enough faith and determination, you can achieve anything. And in the end, you will see the beauty of your dream, like the amazing view of the land above the cloud Mahameru offers.

I think that is one of the strength that makes the movie stands out. But, without a good story, it will only be an entertainment to the eyes.

2 Exclusive Merchandise – Donny Dhirgantoro

2 donny dhirgantoro the cat inside kept wondering what kind of story he wrote in 2. It urged me to grab and read the book.

It did not care the possibility of same old pattern that might be used by the author in his previous book, like song lyrics everywhere or too 2 donny dhirgantoro great quotation that might make you sick of it.

It began from the day she was born. The author wrote the beginning and 2 donny dhirgantoro about her family very well. I enjoyed reading it. I could see it clearly how big their love.